That’s It! We Quit!

That’s It! We Quit!

So, we have now both handed in our notices at work and now everyone knows we are leaving, no more secrets. Our last day at work is Friday 7th April – 4 weeks tomorrow.

I was initially going to work right up to the end, but following recent events I want some time to unwind, see my family and actually enjoy the days leading up leaving, as opposed to risking my mental health doing too many things at once.

It’s slowly starting to sink in that we are leaving and we are really doing this; I’m starting to feel a pang of sadness about leaving my family.

I can’t go longer than a week without seeing my brother (he moved out last year and I felt like I’d lost a leg) and I have never been away from my parents for longer than a fortnight. My Mam is my guiding light for everything; her advice is sound and although I never said it when I was younger, she was always right; about everything. My Dad and little brother (he’s 22, I don’t know why I say “little”) are my heroes, my Dad always says the right thing, we worked together for five years (how many of you can say you worked with one of your parents and loved every minute of it?) and he is my brain twin, best friend, my first love, he’s just everything. My brother makes me laugh almost every day, he’s my shadow and my right arm. I can feel myself welling up as I type this, my love for them is just unparalleled.

That being said, how many people can say that they have given up everything to go travelling the world with the love of their life? I am literally living a dream and I am so lucky and so blessed to have met someone who wants the same things out of life that I want. We have planned pretty much all of Thailand now (I found a gorgeous place for us to stay in for Craig’s 30th birthday, right on the beach!) and now starting to make a dent into our Vietnam route. The places we have found are just beautiful. It’s going to be paradise.

Honestly, if you are planning a trip away, you must use and get an account with them. The discounts and perks you get for multiple bookings are amazing – I was initially a fan of Air BnB but this is so much better for when you are on a budget.

I am meeting some old work friends tonight for a catch up meal before I jet off – again seems to be sinking in now that I’m saying my goodbyes. You’d think we were never going to come back 😉

Rach x




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