T-minus 100

T-minus 100

Yesterday marked exactly 100 days until we set off on our adventures, so obviously today is 99 days and that means…double figures!!! Not long now.

We both returned to work on the 3rd of Jan. After weeks of spending time together and having a lazy morning and extra sleep, it was a bit of a struggle to get up.

We both went back to work and started new job roles with the potential of earning more money for our travels. My role has come with a risk but what is life without risk?

We have lots of planning still to do. I ordered my hiking shoes the other day, a pair of Merrel ventilators which will be ideal for the hot weather. It turns out I got the male pair of Rachel’s shoes, so now we are gonna have matching shoes albeit different colours.

We came across a nice backpack the other day too. Initially, we were going to go for a backpack that had wheels but after reading several reviews, we decided to just go for a nice sturdy backpack instead. The wheels and metal supports tend to bend or break and that will just be inconvenient on our adventures.

We have lots of planning to do, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia. It’s all to do but we will get there now that Christmas and New Year is out of the way. We need to check what injections we need, sort out insurance, Bank accounts, Tax numbers, Visas, Routes, book flights, rent vehicles.

The adventure doesn’t actually start in 100 days. The adventure has already begun.


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