Research, Research, Research

Research, Research, Research

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted, and I must admit, I am a lot less nervous than I was the last time I posted.

A lot has been ticked off the list, we have our backpacks (Vango Freedom matching backpacks! Mine’s an 60 litre purple with a detachable 20l daysack, Craigs is a 80 litre black, again with a detachable daysack), our landing date in Australia and our first 7 days accommodation in Sydney, which is really exciting, we also have planned our route around Cambodia (albeit a small one).

The best thing we have done is researching online and asking others about their experiences; we have got some invaluable advice under our belts. I am currently devouring multitudes of stories about peculiar places and amazing strangers from all of my friends that have came, saw and conquered and oh my god, I am so excited.

We have been dealing with a travel agent but if I am honest, excluding one flight and one hostel stay, we have done the entire trip DIY – I didn’t really think we knew what we were doing but it has not been as difficult or as daunting as I had anticipated, I actually think we are quite good at this!

We have stopped going through a travel agent now, and are doing all our research and booking ourselves.

Back to the task at hand – we finish in less than 50 days now with only a few things left to do on our list (routes, travel insurance and SE Asia visa’s). We both have Monday off so will do a few of those things and hopefully a nice trip somewhere to enjoy the long weekend!
Rach x


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