Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai

Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai

Chiang Rai was a great experience. As mentioned in the previous post, the majestic White Temple and the gothic Black House are a must see if you visit Chiang Rai. The clock tower is also worth checking out if you are in town, it comes to life briefly at around 8pm, so make sure you get there prior. The show only lasts 5-10 minutes or so. 

The White Temple in Chiang Rai

Our bus from Chiang Rai left at about 1pm. We were en-route back to Chiang Mai, one of our favourite locations to date. The bus journey was smooth and the staff were as friendly as ever. Free water and snacks to keep us going. I was in a particular creative mood on the journey back, so I decided to edit some of our GoPro from Bangkok. The video is below. 

Bangkok – The Wanderlusters UK – GoPro Footage

Some GoPro footage of Bangkok that I edited on the bus from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai. This is just a glimpse of what Bangkok has to offer. – Craig

Posted by The Wanderlusters UK on Samstag, 29. April 2017

The journey took about 3 and a half hours. We arrived back in Chiang Mai at approx. 5pm. We then got an Uber to Wayside Guest House, where we were staying. The room was the most basic we’ve had until this point. A bed, wet room, balcony with a view of a brick wall and our first time with no air con, but the room was cheap and in a good location; besides, we were only there one night.

Wayside Guesthouse - Chiang Mai

We gave ourselves 30 minutes or so to relax, sort our things and then head out for one last night around Chiang Mai. Just as we were about to leave the room, Rach hit her knee off the corner of the bed, which resulted in a big green and blue bruise that would stay there for a few days, ouch. 

Wayside Guesthouse - Chiang Mai

The staff at the hotel were very friendly. They printed our boarding passes off for us for our flight to Krabi the following day and asked us if we required anything else. Food was the only thing on our minds, so off we went. We wandered the relaxed city of Chiang Mai. I came across a stall selling Chang Beer vests and replaced my old one with a new one. This one was a better fit than the last. 

Lanterns in Chiang Mai

We walked around for a while and stumbled across the main area of night life where the Zoe in Yellow bar is located etc, before hearing a loud noise and seeing lights coming from within some of the inner walls of the city. We ventured towards them and as we were walking through one of the gates, I felt a sharp pain shoot through my foot. I had somehow managed to impale my toe with a toothpick! It was sticking out of my toe. This was a freak accident, the city itself is quite clean. We found a Boots store nearby where I got some antiseptic and plasters, problem solved and on we went. 

Nightlife in Chiang Mai

The noise and the lights was actually coming from basketball tournament within the square. There was quite a large crowd watching the games. We stayed to take a few photos and then decided to try a nearby bar that we had heard about, the THC Rooftop Bar. 

Basketball in Chiang Mai

We ventured up several flights of stairs to get to the THC Rooftop Bar. It was a cool, trendy, reggae style bar as the name probably suggests. The bar did look pretty cool and it had a very chilled feel. The neon lights, cushions to sit on instead of chairs, great view overlooking the ongoing basketball games in the square but the drinks were stupidly overpriced. Water, for example was 80B when it is normally 10B. We had one drink of water each and then left.

THC Rooftop Bar in Chiang Mai

The popular weekend market was too far for us to walk, so we decided to venture to our favourite night market that we frequently visited on our last trip to Chiang Mai. The night market was much busier this time as it was a weekend and stalls went on for as far as the eye could see. This meant one thing… lots of food! We indulged in some giant chicken spring rolls, which were so tasty, then ate Thai Dumplings, which were delicious and then we ventured to our favourite little food stall. We ordered all sorts, so much food that I can’t even remember what we ordered!

Night Market in Chiang Mai

Then the heavens opened and within a few seconds everything in sight was covered in rain. The locals reacted fast and pulled covers over their stalls. The customers dispersed to get to somewhere dry but me and Rachel only cared about our food. We sat in the rain and ate until the rain came down even heavier, not moving because we were getting drenched, oh no, the only reason decided to move was because the rain water was ruining Rachel’s soup. We took shelter under a tarp at the food stall we had ordered from and finished our meal. The food was amazing as always but the cockroach that decided to crawl over my soaking foot wasn’t as enjoyable. We waddled back home to the hotel with happy tummies.

Throwback to our last night in Chiang Mai. Probably our favourite night market and street food to date. This was seconds before we got caught in a downpour (📸@craigreay )

Posted by The Wanderlusters UK on Dienstag, 20. Juni 2017

The next day we packed our bags, checked out and went for breakfast. We ventured for an English and American breakfast as we were craving some western food. As a boxing fan, I also caught up on the highlights of the Anthony Joshua Vs Vladamir Klitschko fight which had taken place the prior night.

Before we knew it we were in another tuk tuk and on our way to the airport again. This was our first domestic flight of our trip. The check-in was very easy and straight forward. We drank some super strong coffee, that was like rocket fuel and then an alarm went off in Rachel’s head – she had left her purse with her bank cards in! Rach went back through security, trying to stay calm as possible and luckily her purse was with a friendly member of staff. She described the contents of the purse and luckily she no issues in retrieving it. We were soon on the plane and on our way to Krabi. 

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