Choose Life

The clock is ticking. We still have a lot to plan but I’m beginning to get very excited. In my previous post I mentioned that we needed to make sacrifices to save money but every now and then you had to have a little luxury, so me and Rachel decided to have a movie night

T-minus 100

Yesterday marked exactly 100 days until we set off on our adventures, so obviously today is 99 days and that means…double figures!!! Not long now. We both returned to work on the 3rd of Jan. After weeks of spending time together and having a lazy morning and extra sleep, it was a bit of a

Happy New Year!

New Years Day is upon us…finally! We have had a fantastic break over Christmas…a much-needed break at that. It has been brilliant spending time with all of my loved ones over Christmas, especially after recent events. I am grateful that I got to spend time with them before we went away.It has been good for