Backup Everything.

Backup Everything.

Another lesson learned today.

The website is a work and progress.  It is always changing and developing. Even if you can’t see it at the front end of the website, there are changes happening in the back of the website on an almost daily basis.

Today, while playing with a bit of code, I broke the website and instead of staying cool, I started flapping, thinking that I’d lost everything. After an hour or so of flapping, the problem was resolved but it got me thinking about the importance of backing up everything.

We have all broke a phone at some point in our lives. Accidents happen but it is an awful feeling when you lose photographs or videos of cherished memories. Moments that are sometimes forgotten without a photograph or video to remind you.

A few years ago, I spent brilliant 4 days travelling around the Netherlands with my friends. We had an amazing time. I captured many hours of amazing footage on my GoPro.

On return to the UK, I decided to take my GoPro surfing with me. I’m sure you can imagine what happened…I didn’t back it up and my GoPro was washed away by a huge wave and all of those moments that I had captured were washed away with it.

I still have the memories but as you grow older, you realise the importance of photography and film. It is a great link to your past. We can’t remember everything in our lives but with photography and film, we are able to capture moments we may otherwise forget.

Anybody thinking about travelling or long stay holidays should always realise how important it is to backup everything. You will take a lot of photographs and record a lot of videos on your travels. Always make sure that you back things up as often as possible onto a laptop, external hard drive and cloud storage because as the old saying goes, “You never know how important something is to you, until it’s gone”.

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